Art, Music & Writing

Fiction and Non-Fiction writing on mysterious and intriguing life of Dana Vännen, a person of deep strength, courage, and love.

Music and Art of all sorts, original and otherwise.


Style Curation

Find that special look that is unique to you, and have some fun along the way! Get in touch with your personal style and unlock your inner self so you can express your true self to the world.


Lifestyle Discovery

Life is an experiment, not a test. Explore and find what brings you true joy, happiness, and peace. Find out how to live life on your terms via a process of self-discovery.


Love Yourself The Most

Our sole mission is to help you find your way on your journey of self discovery, and for you to love your authentic self.
We hope to help you find the joy that life has to offer, even if sometimes it is pretty darn hard (and that's an understatement).
We encourage you to find your unique self, accept that which is within you, and embrace and love that person.

Dana Vännen is here for you...

We are here to share your journey together. Of self discovery, of joy, of peace, and happiness.


Join us for the Journey

Tell us a little about yourself, your journey, and your goals and we'll take it from there...