Love Yourself The Most...

Many of the messages of modern society are telling us we are not good enough. That we're not smart enough, not attractive enough, not rich enough, and not like everyone else. We hide our struggles because we believe these messages, and believe we are alone in our journey.

But... what if... You are the center of the Universe. Your own Universe, where you accept and love yourself for who you are, for your uniqueness, and your role in the greater order of things.

Self acceptance is the hardest step. Self love does not happen overnight, nor does it happen in a vacuum. Each person must go on a journey of self-discovery, face that which is inside ourselves, and learn to embrace and love our true self. It is a journey never finished, and begins with a single step.

What do we do? None of those things. That is up to you. We share our hearts, ideas, joy, struggles, and so much more in an authentic way we hope will inspired you to find yourself, love yourself, and feel the joy within yourself. Our sole mission is to help you find your way on your journey of self discovery, and for you to love your authentic self. 

We believe in the celebration, joy, and connection to each person. Even when you are not feeling it, joy is waiting within us. We hope to help you find the joy that life has to offer, even if sometimes it is pretty darn hard (and that's an understatement).

We are open and celebrate diversity of all kinds. Gone are the cookie cutters of years past forcing us into little boxes, expecting us to confirm to our gender, racial, and cultural norms. We encourage you to find your unique self, accept that which is within you, and embrace and love that person.


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